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Registered Behavior Technician/ Certified Behavioral Health Technician

Posted: 05/12/2023

Job Location:
300 E Cedar Street  Angleton, Texas, 77515

Why work at this Company:
ABA in the Right Path, a family-focused business, is client-centered and provides evidence-based behavioral therapy for children with autism and special needs. 

Job Description:

RBT Qualifications and Skills:

· Must be at least 18 years old.

· Bilingual preferred (Spanish and English)

· High School Diploma or GED. Associate degree preferred.

· Registered Behavior Technician Certification or complete RBT training and take and pass the BACB RBT exam.

· Pass a background check.

· Previous RBT experience preferred.

· Understanding of patient care, behavioral terminology, coding procedures, reference tools and appropriate evidence based clinical experience preferred.

· Excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

· Familiarity with electronic medical health care system preferred

· Familiarity with Microsoft Office and desk top software preferred.

· Ability to monitor client’s progress, and input data into software.

RBT Responsibilities:

· Provide direct client care in one-on-one and/or group settings.

· Follow the behavior reduction and behavioral skill acquisition plan/protocols.

· Collect and recording data based on client behavior.

· Communicate with clients, parents, and caregivers regarding client progress.

· Assist behavior analysts and assistant behavior analysts with behavior reduction assessments and skills acquisition.

· Assist behavior analysts and assistant behavior analysts in the preparation of client materials.

· Participate in interdisciplinary collaboration/ meetings with educators, speech, and occupational therapists if necessary.

· Complete progress reports in accordance with structured deadlines.

· Provide a safe and supportive environment for patients and family.

· Maintain strict confidentiality.

· Attend training to acquire further knowledge and capacitation.

· Prepare treatment rooms for clinical examinations and assist Behavior Therapist with patient care.

· Deliver compassionate support, attention and assistance to patients and families.

· Ensure compliance with all office policies and health care regulations, inducing HIPAA and OSHA.

· Perform work as assigned by the Office Manager and Behavior Analyst.


$16-$25/ Hour depending on experience. 

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