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How Musicians Can Get Discovered in Angleton (and Beyond!)

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Being known for your music-making talents is key to securing a good income and making a living off your passion. You have to actively put yourself out there and make yourself attractive to your niche audience (in other words, the people who prefer your brand of music). This can take some doing – people are spoiled for choice, and the competition is stiff. However, if you’re willing to invest time and effort into the endeavor, you will succeed. 

Below, the Greater Angleton Chamber of Commerce offers some suggestions on what musicians can do to get discovered. 

Perform for fans in as many ways as possible 

Arguably, the best way to get discovered is to share your talents with people in whatever ways you can think of. Two effective examples are having your own music channel on YouTube and setting up live gigs (offline here in the Angleton area or online to people anywhere in the world) to show off your best work. You could even make an income this way: you could sell tickets, find patrons, and make money through advertising revenue. DIY Musician explains why YouTube is crucial for musicians. 

Get online 

The internet could give you access to a vast audience beyond Angleton locals if you play your cards right. Having a personal portfolio website where you have some of your work up can help people to find you and get acquainted with you and your work. Getting on social media can help you join social groups in your niche, find fans who care about your music, and conveniently share examples of your work. Jimdo provides nine places to upload your music for free. 

Participate in events 

Participating in events is a great way to catch the eye of potential fans, sponsors, collaborators, and patrons. Some examples of events you could attempt to join are concerts, shows, competitions, and festivals. You may not make much money (you may even be asked to perform for free), but doing it a few times can be a worthwhile way to raise your profile.  


Networking is essential to securing your future in the industry. It can help you find mentors, collaborators, sponsors, fans, patrons, and paid gigs. There are various ways to network, some more effective than others. You could do it both offline and online. Some examples are attending workshops, concerts, conferences, and music festivals. When approaching people, it may be a good idea to prepare an “elevator pitch” and also have a business card to pass on. 

Why not make your passion a business? 

You may have better luck with both getting discovered and making money if you turn your passion into a business. This will help you get into an entrepreneurial mindset – you’d have to get practical and think about overheads, profitability, consumer expectations, and business goals. It may help you value yourself and price your services appropriately for long-term sustainability. 

Make a business plan  

A business plan can help you get clear on the specifics of running a business. It will help you figure out important details like a description of your business, funding, business goals, the market, and money-making strategies. With this document, you’ll have an easier time launching and overcoming any challenges you may face. 

Draw up terms and contracts for clients 

You may get offers like opportunities to perform, be a part of a production, or something along those lines. It’s important that you look after your best interests, and if necessary, draw up terms and contracts for clients to sign. This will increase the likelihood of you getting paid on time and reduce any problems you may face. You can use a tool that allows you to sign and fill out PDF forms online, which will allow clients to sign documents without paper and printing hassles. After e-signing, you can securely share your PDF files. Give this a try

Brand and market yourself

Making an appealing brand for yourself can help you make a bigger splash. A good brand makes you easy to recognize and remember and will help you create stronger relationships with your audience. Marketing yourself is essential to bringing your business (and talents) to the attention of new people. It’s always a good idea to have a few marketing initiatives in the works.


Getting discovered as a musician will take time. Getting online, starting your own YouTube channel, showcasing your work, launching a business, networking, branding, and marketing are all time-consuming endeavors. If you keep at it, though, and follow entrepreneurial practices, you are bound to find many fans. 

No matter what type of entrepreneur you are, the Greater Angleton Chamber of Commerce is here to help you find business success. Join us today!

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