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Southern Spirits Events

Southern Spirits Events

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We have TABC Certified Staff. All of our staff is up to date on all certifications and licensed with TABC. We also carry liquor insurance and liability insurance.

Set up and Breakdown is included and is up to 1.5 hours of complementary setting up and cleaning. We have professional bartenders and our crew of experienced bartenders and serving staff are able to serve 1000+. Our individual beverage consultations can help calculate how much alcohol, mixers, cups and ice you need. With a Signature Cocktail, we work our magic to create a specialty mixed drink specifically for your event. Finally, we have Serving Staff Add-ons. Get a special rate if you combine serving staff with another service! Drink garnishes, cocktail napkins, straws, stirrers, are included if needed. Ice and ice delivery is a great add on when needed and we rent coolers as well!


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