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True to Life Ministries

True to Life Ministries

Non-Profit Organization

About Us

TTLM is a nonprofit organization, classified as a 501(c)(3) by the IRS. Established in 2009 by David and Meredith King, the organization's programs and services are carefully designed to equip people with what they need to achieve their life's greatest potential, and to guide them as they identify and remove the major barriers holding them back. Our continuum of free services and programs offer practical skills and resources through 4 Focus Areas: Employment & Education Services, Mentoring & Case Management, Student Services, and Social Enterprises.

Employment & Education Services
TTLM provides a series of free classes and one-on-one assistance to help people gain employment, learn practical life skills, and access education resources in order to become financially independent.

Mentoring & Case Management
Case management resources and one-on-one mentoring relationships work hand-in-hand to help individuals who are serious about life change keep moving forward. Our clients who are facing significant barriers are encouraged to participate in TTLM's mentoring program, LifeLine.

Social Enterprise
Major life transformation can occur when meaningful work and powerful resources are unleashed together. TTLM launched its first social enterprise, Refresh Boutique, in 2012. This social enterprise funds our Job Training program, which provides on-the-job training in conjunction with life skills classes to help participants move forward in a powerful way.

Student Services
Provide unique opportunities for at-risk students to grow personally & professionally.


TTLM Leadership Team
TTLM Connection every Thursday from 6-8 p.m., 105 This Way, Lake Jackson, meal served!
Employment 101 helps people take their next step to employment.
Employment 101 testimonial!
Cute fall clothes are in stock at Refresh Boutique located at 105 This Way, Lake Jackson
Graphic tees and kimonos are stylish for the fall - get your look at Refresh Boutique!
Inspirational signs and gift items are available for purchase at Refresh Boutique!
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